What Have You Accomplished So Far in 2013?


You make lists of what you need to do, so why not make a list of everything you’ve already done so far this year? Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and give yourself some recognition for it.

Did you start a new job?

Get a promotion?

Resolve a difficult situation with spouse, friend, co-worker, sibling, or your boss?

Start eating more healthfully?

Take a great vacation?

Learn something new?

Read more books?

Start writing a book?

Start a new business?

Get happier?

Deepen your spirituality?

Help your child/a child learn something new?

Find a new hobby?

Watch less TV?

Take a moment right now and start a list of everything you’ve done this year. Think in terms of broad categories to get you started: Work. Spouse. Children. Friends. Hobbies. Spiritual goals.

Acknowledge yourself and all you’ve done, and know that you’ll be able to do that much or more in the future. Recognizing what we’ve already done reinforces our success with our subconscious, making us feel more confident about accomplishing new goals.

What’s one thing you’ve done that you’d like to tell us about here?


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What Have You Accomplished So Far in 2013? — 4 Comments

  1. I have accomplished half of my goals to the finishing of publishing a book series that deals with a ten year old spider centuar and her parents and a bunch of revengeful seeking and controlling human barbarian spiders who want to rule earth and humans. I plan to change my outlook and inner appearance all within the year of 2013 and then some.

    • Congratulations! Wow, that’s a lot of spiders….I have a couple of friends with a serious spider phobia….perhaps I need to get them copies of your book :).

  2. I finished mybatchelors degree, after leaving school to raise a family 20 years ago.

    I finished 12 books.

    • Congratulations! And 12 books — if that’s in addition to your degree, I’m very impressed. It’s hard to find time to read on top of going to school.