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A little about me: After launching several businesses, I decided I wanted to help others achieve their goals. Countless times I’ve been asked “How did you do that?” when I told someone I produced a show in Vegas after living here for less than a year or when I told them I launched my own recruiting company after working with another company for just a year.

Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals — and following through with them — was the key to my success, as was having the right attitude and feelings about what I could accomplish. I created to help you achieve YOUR success.

My posts, articles, ebooks, etc. are inspired by my experience, research, meditation, and prayer. I am a lawyer by previous profession, but do not practice law. I am not a licensed counselor or otherwise qualified to offer anything besides general advice for general issues. For specific problems, or problems of a serious psychological or life-threatening nature, PLEASE consult a licensed professional near you.

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Download 5 Questions Successful People Ask — 41 Comments

    • It really depends on what it means to you. For some people, it’s happiness and health. For others it’s more tied into financial wealth. For others it’s succeeding at a particular goal (like running a marathon, for example). And there is long-term and short-term success and the differences between those to consider, too.

  1. the 5 thing that ask all ways i think is live peace education health and money while the 5 another things that never ask is death povert illness hell loss and out of money

  2. I ran this through Google Translate, and yes, the site is in English, but I do have the Google Translate at the the top of the page for your use. The documents are, unfortunately, all in English because that’s my native language. I do hope you find the rest of the site useful, though, because of Google Translate.

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