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The feedback listed anonymously came via personal emails from readers, and in the interest of protecting their confidentiality, I did not want to list even a first name without permission.

The feedback with attribution is public elsewhere on the site.


• Well so heart touching and motivated messages I hope you keep sending me more because it’s really impacting day to day knowledge into my daily life. Thanks for your wise saying and keep sending me more.  — Elton Yoko

• Thank you for your blog, it’s extremely helpful! — Yolanda Patterson

• I am very grateful to your advice. — Lateef Balogun

• I greatly appreciate you contribution in shaping my future. — Vital Nsengiyumva

• I have gone through some of your articles and have found them not only interesting but rather informative & practical too.  I look forward to receive more articles to read for information and practical purpose as well. —  Ghulam Muhammed Sheikh

• Thanks so much for making this information available. I look forward to paying it forward! — Lisa L.

• It helped me to change my mindset from negative thinking to positive thinking.  — Divya

• Thank you for opening up my mind on this subject. You have enlightened me.      — Raymond

• I am really greatful to you because your articles inspired me to set priorities and goals. To achieve something or goad without setting a strategy or plan is really likely to run without knowing the right direction and i have now realized this fact. Thank you. — Hafiz Usman

• Meg Bertini you really inspired me for my new year’s resolutions. — Alemiga W.

• This is a wonderful idea. I am so impressed by it. I think it works. Keep it up.        — Adam

• Wonderful information and thank (you) very much. — Israel C

• You are doing wonderful job, your suggestions and ideas are very precious to a person who is in the process of personality grooming.

• Your posts are so enriching

• Thanking you very much for sharing useful tips. Today I allocated time to see your mail and sites and found very useful guidance.

• I love your articles, you have almost cover everything I can think of.

• Wow! congratulation! 4r your contribution in making my mind more bright, among what you said, there mistakes i used to make.

• Thanks very much for real you touched my heart and you open my mind to extent of becoming billionaire. I will make a serious followup to ensure all of my plan and goals achieved.

• tq for your kind advice im happy to receive all ur wonderfull quotes.  keep it up n tq once again.

• Thank you very much for sharpening my thinking, my mind is not all the same as I was before I read your mail.

• The message is very inspirational and I want you to keep on inspiring me. I am a business man, I love such messages.  God bless you abundantly. Thanks

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• You make me inspire to get out from my confusion life. I really thank you so much and keep it your support……….

• I like your topics. Keep doing what you do.

• Your advice is very practical and real.

• Great nuggets here. Thanks.

• Your articles and videos are very informative, helpful and much appreciated.

• Thank you for the fast response! It in fact is already is enough proof or rather wonderful inspiration! I desperately need positivity in my life right now and you just gave me a very positive start indeed!

• Thanks for your thoughtful message. I appreciate the service you are rendering to the society. In fact I wish to do something similar. I strongly believe that life is meant for improving the lives of others so that the world becomes a better place to live.

• Am so impressed with it. Please add more. Thank you my dear.

• This really has helped me to realize what is important especially when it comes to serving.

• Thanx Meg….these words are really encouraging….God bless u

• You are really doing fantastic service. Very useful tips we get.  May God bless you and your service.