Motivational Digest Week Ending 11 May 2013

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Motivational Digest Week Ending 11 May 2013 (Pacific Time):

Power Pose (great article on body language):

How Do You Define Success:

Learn to Be Fearless:

Top 10 Personal Growth Books to Change Your Life:

Why Motivate When You Can Inspire:

Four Steps to Get People to Work Hard:

Want to Succeed? Get Used to Failing:

Quotations, Images, etc. Week Ending 11 May 2013:

Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable. ― Peter F. Drucker

Happiness is not a destination. It’s a companion we choose on our journey.  ― Meg Bertini

Know you are worthy of every compliment you receive.  ― Meg Bertini

If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem. ― Richard Bach

Success isn’t in making the decision; it’s in managing the decision. ― John Maxwell

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GoalsHappenHere Articles Week Ending 11 May 2013:

Lost Words: Reviving Character Traits from the Past

What are the first words you use when describing someone you admire? Maybe you’d say ambitious, funny, nice, successful, and honest.

But what about honorability?* And when is the last time you yearned for something? Do you really care if your best friend is a good citizen or not?

Read more here.

Knowing Yourself (A guest post by A.D. Giovanna).

So you have decided to study a foreign language, or even to improve your capabilities in your native language. A tremendously important thing you can do to make all of your future studying and dedication is to figure out, here and now, what kind of a learner you are: audio, visual, or kinesthetic. The really cool element is that there are now on-line quizzes to help you figure out if you are not sure. And there are lots of tips, once you know what kind of learner you are, to help you study while playing to your dominant learning style. This extends even beyond language study to all kind of study.

Read more here.

Motivational Digest Week Ending 4 May 2013

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