Motivational Digest Week Ending 30 March 2013

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Motivational Digest Week Ending 30 March 2013 (Pacific Time):

Take Your Search for a Job Offline:

Ways to Deal with Emotional Issues:

Affirmations to Enhance Your Health:

I like the roses (song):

Opening Yourself to the World:

Never Look Insecure Again (a great fake-it-until-you-make-it article)

14 Tips for Staying Calm During a Job Interview:

Making Optimum Choices:

7 Ways to Regain Motivation When You Feel Bummed:

How to Deal with Yourself When “Screwing Up” on Your Spiritual Journey:

Quotations, Images, etc. Week Ending 30 March 2013

First, be happy. Then good things will follow. — Meg Bertini

If in doubt, DO something. –– Meg Bertini

Today’s Fortune Cookie: It is a new day. Entertain a new thought. You can live happy. –– Think Happy, Be Happy

Inspired action is effective action. ― Meg Bertini

Sprinkle love throughout your day. –– Meg Bertini

Forgiveness isn’t about making the other person apologize. ― Meg Bertini

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? ― Dr. Seuss

Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe. — Lao Tzu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, via I like Expanding Knowledge and Developing Myself.

via I like Expanding Knowledge and Developing Myself

GoalsHappenHere Articles Week Ending 30 March 2013:

Daily Time Management Tips: Do your days vanish magically, leaving you wondering where the time went? Here’s how to avoid that unproductive feeling.

How to Deal with Difficult People at Work: Do you hate your boss? Is one of your co-workers driving you batty? Maybe it’s an employee you can’t fire for whatever reason. Here are ways to cope that don’t involve quitting your job!

Motivational Digest Week Ending 23 March 2013


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  1. I think in its essence, all success comes from how you think. Why? Well .Your thoughts become feelings, your feelings become actions, your actions become habits, and your habits create your life.I also think that goals are very important in our lives. They get you curious and out there and trying things. So have positive goals in your life, things that infuse you and exite you.

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