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Articles Week Ending 31 August 2013 (Pacific Time):

7 Things Your Body Language is Telling Your Boss:

Startup Lessons From Breaking Bad:

Spotting the Hogwash in Business Advice Books:

12 Things Successful Women Do Differently:

Vulnerability, the Sacred Space of Strength:

The Human Motivation Equation:

The Essential 5 Steps to Social Media Maturity:

How to Think Like a Wise Person:

When There Is No End In Sight, How Do We Define Success:

Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert? What It Means For Your Career:

Why Social Media is So Addictive, and Why Marketers Should Care:

8 Powers of a Super Hero CMO:

5 Management and Leadership Books to Read This Fall:

Going Above and Beyond: The Many Benefits of Coaching:

31 Days to Build a Creative Business:

When It’s OK to Quit:

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Quotations, Images, etc. Week Ending 31 August 2013:

Goals help you channel your energy into action. ― Les Brown

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. ― William B. Sprague

The predominant quality of successful people is optimism…. Your level of optimism is the very best predictor of how happy, healthy, wealthy, and long-lived you will be. ― Brian Tracy

Dont wait. The time will never be just right. ― Napoleon Hill

Action is the foundational key to all success. ― Pablo Picasso

Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. ― Oscar Wilde

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. ― Dale Carnegie

Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results.  ― Robin Sharma


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Goals Happen Here Articles & Videos Week Ending 31August 2013:

5 Awesome Times to Love “No”: I was chatting with a lawyer friend of mine (“Dewey”) the other day about a client (“Peter”) he’s been trying to woo for two years. For two years, Dewey has been buying lunches, dinners, and otherwise fawning over Peter, the owner of a private, midsized company. Peter finally asked Dewey to do a tidbit of legal work – the legal equivalent to shining his shoes – at a vastly discounted rate.

Read more here.

Are you a Likeaholic? We all like to be liked, but sometimes our concerns about being liked can stand in the way of what we want to do.

Here are some examples of what I mean: Read more here.

Funny quotations about money:

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