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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! Goals Happen Here will help you figure out, set, and accomplish your goals.  We will help you create the right mindset for success, whether it’s with career goals, business goals, or personal goals.

Are you ready to move forward – not just a step or two, but a whole level?

Are you ready to leap into a new existence of achievement and power?

Are you ready to embrace the life you deserve?

Of course you are – or so you say. But if you were so ready, wouldn’t you be there

Maybe. And maybe not.

Are you ready to be ready?

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How do you get from you are to where you want to go?

After launching several businesses, I decided I wanted to help others achieve their goals and answer that question. Countless times I’ve been asked “How did you do that?” when I told someone I produced a show in Las Vegas after living here for less than a year or when I told them I launched my own recruiting company after working with another company for a year. Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals — and following through with them — was the key to my success, as was having the right attitude and feelings about what I could accomplish. I created this site to help you achieve YOUR success.

My posts, articles, ebooks, etc. are inspired by my experience, research, meditation, and prayer. I am a lawyer by previous profession, but do not practice law. I am not a licensed counselor or otherwise qualified to offer anything besides general advice for general issues. For specific problems, or problems of a serious psychological or life-threatening nature, PLEASE consult a licensed professional near you.

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