Step out, be seen, and be heard

The registration for Futuristic Marketing includes free registration to Unstoppable 2, a marketing and motivational conference and seminar. Videos from Unstoppable 1 indicate robust exclamations of success, public tears of joy and revelation, and group-think with total strangers.

Basically, it seemed to be an introvert’s worst nightmare.

The lure of learning more cutting-edge marketing enticed me to sign up for Unstoppable 2 (that and the fact that I’d already in effect paid for it!).  The registration form required my agreement to dance.  To DANCE, for heaven’s sake, as part of a conference.

All this lead me to think of a Ted Talk I watched recently:

And then I wondered: When do we stop out of our comfort zones? When is it good for our personal growth, and when is it betraying ourselves with unnecessary discomfort?  It’s wonderful to embrace who we are, but at once point does that limit us and keep us from growing and becoming even better?

Cain makes many excellent points about the turning of our society toward collaborative efforts, when in fact sometimes solitude produces the deepest thought.  She doesn’t reject group effort, but instead wants our schools and work places to acknowledge that some people simply create better on their own.

I am off the charts with this, so far over to one side of the bell curve it’s ridiculous. I have no doubt I create best in solitude.

What I’ve found, though, is that if I can buck up and deal with events like this — doing an enormous attitude adjust so I’m not just grinning and bearing it, but being open to the experience and enjoying it — I can pick up tidbits of incredibly useful information and then go back to the solitude of my room and ponder them.  On my own time, I can take synthesize this information and create something new and wonderful from it.

Somehow, the very act of being in an uncomfortable environment forces my brain to work as it normally doesn’t, expanding and enhancing my creativity in ways that I probably would not otherwise experience.  Although I don’t actually create in the group, the group interaction shifts my brain in a way that inspires me.

The next time you’re stuck in a rut and haven’t had a fresh idea in weeks, think of a way to make yourself uncomfortable.  Don’t be too quick to turn down a chance to do something that pushes your edges; you just might find great insight in your discomfort.

Will I enjoy Unstoppable 2?  I know I’ll love the fresh ideas that come from it, and I’m going to do my best to enjoy the journey and not fantasize about being back in my hotel room reading a book.

What makes you uncomfortable, and how can you embrace it the next time you need inspiration?



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