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A little about me: After launching several businesses, I decided I wanted to help others achieve their goals. Countless times I’ve been asked “How did you do that?” when I told someone I produced a show in Vegas after living here for less than a year or when I told them I launched my own recruiting company after working with another company for just a year.

Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals — and following through with them — was the key to my success, as was having the right attitude and feelings about what I could accomplish. I created to help you achieve YOUR success.

My posts, articles, ebooks, etc. are inspired by my experience, research, meditation, and prayer. I am a lawyer by previous profession, but do not practice law. I am not a licensed counselor or otherwise qualified to offer anything besides general advice for general issues. For specific problems, or problems of a serious psychological or life-threatening nature, PLEASE consult a licensed professional near you.

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Download Success Mindset: 10 Steps to Change Your Thinking and Your Life — 14 Comments

  1. thank very much for your time trying to help other people to achieve their goals in life .i will be glad if you give me advise on how i can get academic support(scholarship) to study abroad as t has been my dream for many years.i strongly believe that when i get to meet and share engineering challenges with other students in developed countries i will learn how they made it to success,and put them in action
    thanking you

    • Thank you for writing. Do you have any particular hobbies or skills? That might be a good way to look for scholarships. Universities in the US do tend to look favorably upon students from other countries, especially if you’re from a place that’s very underrepresented at a particular University. So maybe instead of looking to see where the other students from your country are going, focus on places where the are NOT going. As for particular places to apply, the internet has lots of information, so once you start searching, I’m sure you’ll find lots of good options. Good luck!

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