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Meg Bertini
Ghostwriter & Motivational Strategist
Goals Happen Here & Goals With Heart

Welcome to Goals Happen Here!  Here you will tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Q: Who are you?

A: I’m a writer, a motivational strategist, and other things — runner, hiker, traveler, reader — that don’t matter quite as much for this discussion. My posts, articles, ebooks, etc. are inspired by my experience, research, and meditation.

Q: What do those things have to do with each other?

A: I love writing, and I love helping people discover what they love. And I love helping them achieve their goals once they identify them.  Many people have their dreams connected to publishing, whether it’s writing an article about a hobby or a full-length book.

Q: What do you do as a motivational strategist?

A: I help people create a strategy to figure out and achieve their goals.

Q: Is that like a life coach?

A: Not really because it’s more about talking with someone once or twice and helping to put him or her back on track rather than establishing an on-going relationship. I believe we all have the answers for what’s right for us inside of us, and I help people tap into that.

Q: Are you also a recruiter?

A: I work with with a handful of attorneys each year to place them at law firms that better suit their career and life goals. I’m an attorney, inactive status.

Q: Can you refer me to a lawyer/psychologist/counselor?

A: Your best bet is to contact someone you trust in your hometown. The information here is not intended to be legal or psychological advice, so please consult a licensed professional if you need help in those or other areas that are beyond the scope of this website.

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